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  • Proprietary Biocide : TK7 Diesel Fuel Fungus Preventative Formula contains seven to ten times more biocide than the regular TK7 Diesel Fuel Formula. The bacteria, fungus and yeast are killed within 24 hours and dissolved by the detergency of the formula. The dissolved bacteria, fungus and yeast are sent through the filter and burned harmlessly.

  • Fuel Reduction : TK7 Diesel Fuel Fungus Preventative Formula contains components which improve engine ignition, therefore reducing fuel consumption. The BTU of the fuel is also raised, resulting in more consistent and complete combustion. Higher BTU contributes to a much better fuel charge with more power and a dramatic reduction with emissions. On average, fuel usage is reduced from 5% to 20%.

  • Cetane Improvement : TK7 products increased cetane ratings from 43.6 to 45.3 based on ASTM test number D-613. This increase will assure better cold starting, reduced smoke opacity, and faster warm-ups resulting in earlier underway operation.
  • Smoke Opacity : Independent tests have indicated a reduction of up to 25.5% during acceleration and as much as 80% during second gear. All power units will see an improvement regardless of life span.
  • Emission Reductions : As a result of using TK7 fuel technology hydro carbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulate matters (PM) are reduced. This reduction is due to an increase in complete combustion. On average oxides of nitrogen are reduced by 20%.
  • High Temperature Detergent : Unlike petroleum distillate fuel Additives, the detergent in TK7 Diesel Fuel Fungus Preventative Formula promotes full volumetric efficiency allowing for continuously clean spray patterns. This detergent also guards against gum and varnish build up on the injector tip while eliminating fuel tank sediment through liquefaction and incineration.
  • Metal Deactivator : To prevent the formation of gum and varnish TK7 Diesel Fuel Fungus Preventative Formula renders copper and vanadium compounds inactive. Traditional diesel fuel engines build-up carbon in injectors and cylinders, however, use of TK7 fuel technology allows engines to stay free of all carbon build-up while noticeably reducing smoke emissions.
  • Upper Cylinder Lubricity : Southwest Research Institute performed the Caterpillar 1K test, a military specification test for Diesel Formulas. As a result of the 252-hour engine test TK7 Diesel Fuel Fungus Preventative Formula significantly improved the condition of the cylinder liner, piston, and piston ring. This test also showed that this TK7 product performed better than 3000-ppm sulfur. It was also observed that valve stems, guides, seats, compression rings, as well as injector pumps and injectors were well lubricated with no fuel-related failures.
  • Increased Horsepower : With the combination of greater BTU, improved lubrication, and better hydrodynamic ring seal average horsepower increased 15 %. This increase in horsepower greatly contributes to improved uphill, downhill, and long grade performance.
  • Pour-point Depressant : Introduction of TK7 Diesel Fuel Fungus Preventative Formula into No.2 fuel, having a pour-point of -7째F , effectively lowered the pour-point to -19째F . With this product filter plugging and gelling is not possible. This is due to the low viscosity formulations which promote complete molecular equality resulting in fuel that is evenly treated.
  • Water Emulsifier : This product effectively treats water trapped in the bottom of fuel tanks through the use of a unique compound. This compound combines water with fuel and, as a result, water is burned up by the engine. This TK7 fuel technology efficiently reduces water caught in the separator by up to 5% by volume.
  • Fuel Stabilization : TK7 Diesel Fuel Fungus Preventative Formula promotes molecular balances (keeps fuel from separating) resulting in a much greater and consistent flame travel in the combustion chamber.
  • Metal Affinity Compound : This technology prevents fuel tanks, in power units and storage tanks, from becoming corroded. This is due to a metal binding compounded in the TK7 Diesel Fuel Fungus Preventative Formula which prevents corrosion caused by excess water in the tank. This compound also has a special affinity for copper and aluminum, however, it will also protects all metals.
  • Safe for Seals and Fuel System Components : Most fuel additives contain common formulations that attack Buna-N, neoprene, nylon, and rubber. TK7 formulations will not dry out, swell or attack any fuel system component.
  • Does NOT Contain Petroleum Distillates : Many additives, present on the market, have not changed their technology in the last 70 years. This outdated approach utilizes naphthalene, kerosene, ethylbenzene, oxylnitrate, ethylene or propylene glycol, nitric acid, vinyl acetate, and sinterable metal compounds. These compounds, at best, are non-functional and, at worst, cause premature failure of various components contaminating the oil. However, TK7 Diesel Fuel Fungus Preventative Formula utilizes the most advanced technology available on the market today.


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