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TK7 logo and products are registered trademark of TAL Technologies Incorporated , Oklahoma , U.S.A. TK7 ( Thailand ) Company Limited is the sole authorized representative for marketing, sales and distribution of TK7 products in the Kingdom of Thailand .


All claims of TK7 products performances are based on real and actual tests performed by the various institutions as shown. TK7 (Thailand) Company Limited has provided all reasonable care in providing all technical information in good faith but without any warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied. Like all fuel related products, user should satisfy himself with all technical data and suitability in the use of TK7 products. TK7 ( Thailand ) Company Limited and TAL Technologies Incorporated shall not be liable for any damage or loss associated with the misuse of TK7 products.


TK7 (Thailand) Company Limited has NO policy in distributing or sell our TK7 products in the “Chain” type marketing, only our authorized distributors and sales representatives have the rights to distribute and market our products which are of U.S.A. origin.


TK7 products have been in the market for over twenty years and we fully believe in the performance of our products in term of fuel savings and engine protections. TAL Technologies Incorporated and TK7 ( Thailand ) Company Limited shall take full legal action for any violation of our trademark or fraud associated with our products.


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If you do not agree with any of the terms of this Privacy Policy, please terminate your session immediately. If you would like to contact us about our Private Policy, you can do so by Emailing our webmaster at webmaster@tk7thailand.com


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